Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brush Strokes, Mind Wanderings, and Intellectual Interests?

Sometimes I feel like these blogs are tricky to write because while I’m trying to write on a topic, I also have the grammatical patterns of the week running through my mind, trying to figure out how to correctly insert them. Strumming on the keyboard, my fingers try to create the right words. The week before, long and rigorous, has left my mind collapsed. I do not know what to say, or even what to think sometimes. I want to sleep or relax. It is not a difficult assignment, sometimes it can be enjoyable, but still there are times when I simply stare at the computer screen, at the whiteness, at the emptiness. My few sentences taunt me. Where are all the words? Where are my brilliant ideas? The weekend laughs at me, pouring a drowsiness over my head. Heart beating slowly, eyelids drooping, limbs relaxed, I begin to doze off only to jolt myself awake when I realize what is happening. My bed, a warm and welcoming mound of blankets, calls out to me. But no, I must resist the desire to sleep. I must push through and finish my homework.

Everything else I could be doing comes to mind. Anything not related to school. My friends are reading a magazine laughing at the funny stories. My puppy, sweet and adorable, curls up next to me. At least he’ll sit with me while I studiously do my homework.

I sound like I am complaining a lot, but I really do enjoy this class. A week full of classes, daily shifts at work, multiple tutoring hours, and loads of homework completely wear me out mentally. My mind needs a little vacation. In grammar class though, during the week, I find the topics interesting. It’s great review to relearn old grammar tools and rules. It will be fresher in my mind for when I teach my own classroom of students. I think a lot of professional adults still struggle with grammar and writing. Sometimes they are never given proper instruction in school, and sometimes they just never tried to learn while they were being taught. I hope that I can help my students actually remember and apply grammar and writing tools to their lives beyond highs school, and college even. With correct grammar in their writing pieces, they will sound more intelligent and trustworthy. I know I will look back on this class and be grateful. 


  1. I also share the same feeling while writing a new entry on my blog: how can I narrate a story and at the same time integrate the patterns of the week?
    I personally start brainstorming and then inserting sentences in which the pattern required is present. I know it may sound boring, but at least it works for me. I really enjoyed reading your piece of writing and how you incorporated absolutes and appositives. My favorite one was "My bed, a warm and welcoming mound of blankets, calls out to me." It is a graphic sentence and I felt so identified with it :)