Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learning: the Event That Never Ends

There are times when a person gains new information, but he does not pause and recognize that he learned something new. Occasionally it’s noticed and someone thinks, “Wow, that is so interesting. I never knew that before!” Other times, a person remembers a fact he was told and realizes he did not previously know it. I believe we learn things every day, whether we relearn them, or do not even realize. If one is not learning anything then how productive is his life? It is not one of much success. 

Lately, in my classes I have been learning things about myself and thinking about how it will affect my future career. In my courses geared towards teachers and teaching, I have noticed very obviously I am too straightforward at times. When we read a paper in class from an unknown, random college student I laugh and simply say, “This is terrible.” Everyone’s thinking it, but I am the most honest and blunt. The other students say things like, “It needs a little work,” or “This writer should try to narrow their topic.” Helpful little tidbits, not the plain, dirty truth. All teachers (and future teachers) have their own personality and style and that’s THEIRS. Mine is not as sweet. I know I’ll need to be encouraging and uplifting to my students in the future, and I will be careful to work on that.  

This grammar class has scared me slightly, but it has been fun as well. I know ITS PURPOSE is to make me more confident in my punctuation and grammar usage, and find helpful ways of teaching it to high school students especially. Thinking about my future students asking me questions, of which I am not sure I know the answer, makes me slightly uneasy, because I feel like I should know everything and I want to know everything, but I know that is unrealistic. AS A PROFESSIONAL, I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD HAVE MY AREA OF EXPERTISE MASTERED; AS AN INTELLECTUAL HUMAN BEING, I KNOW I WILL ALWAYS BE LEARNING. It is all right to not be sure about something, or not have a solid answer, as long as I try my best to find the answer if that is possible for the situation and question. I need to remember the answer to the question: ”WHOSE responsibility is it that these kids learn?”  It is partly mine, and their other teachers’ but a large portion of that responsibility is THEIRS. The students need to work for their own education, and apply themselves in order to learn. No one can force them to learn. I am excited for the rest of the semester in this class, because every time I am in it, I feel more certain that I am on the right path towards a career I will love.  

Another thing I am learning is that I truly feel like I will succeed in reaching my goal of teaching and touching lives. My desire and passion to work with students is becoming even more apparent. There have been times when I doubted my career choice, but this semester has done nothing but make me more excited. I was excited when I heard I would have to tutor in the writing center. I am excited to tutor elementary school students. I have fun in my English classes, especially my classes geared towards future teachers. Throughout the last several years people have questioned my decision to become a teacher. They point out that the pay is on the lower side, the risks, the disrespectful “punks” I will have to deal with, and many other personal reasons why I should not teach. I just smile and think to myself, “The choice is not YOURS, it is mine. It’s my future, my dream.”  I am the one wasting my life if that is how they choose to see it, but in reality I believe I will be reaching my own personal goals of success. Hopefully I will leave a positive impact on numerous children’s lives.

I know this year I will learn many things that I will hold on to and carry with me. I want to learn ways of how to be the best teacher I can be, and how to be an effective teacher. I am excited to learn, so my mind is more open to the knowledge presented to me. The information my professors pour out seeps into my brain.  Giving my students passion and motivation is a main goal of mine. It drives a person towards success, and does not let them settle for less. 

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  1. I've doubted my own choice in becoming a teacher many times. However, I also find it that this class is making my choice seem great and I have little doubt that I want to teach. I think it's good that you see that you need stuff to work on and what you don't need to work on.
    I also like your use of the words of the week! They seem correct to me.